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Friday, January 20, 2017

'Kiss Cam' goes to the next level


The MCG's innovative 'Kiss Cam' feature at AFL matches is set for a major expansion after recently being named amongst the finalists for the "most pointless and annoying entertainment at a sporting event" awards.

The award winners will be named at a gala event in Monte Carlo later this year and 'Kiss Cam' is one of favourites, alongside Vuvuzela orchestras playing Neil Diamond songs at South African soccer matches, and the novelty Native American firing real arrows at nominated fans during Cleveland Indians baseball matches in the US. 

But Frederico de Mayo, head of the advertising agency that developed the concept, said this was just the start for 'Kiss Cam'. 

"Everyone who has seen it knows how it works," he said. "Before the game we have 'Smile Cam', where we get people in the crowd to smile at each other for the cameras. 

"At quarter time we look for people to hug ­ that's 'Hug Cam'. At half time we look for people to kiss. Smile-Hug-Kiss. Pretty obviously there is a natural progression there. 

"Three quarter time is a natural window there waiting to be filled. And we hope to fill it soon with 'Shag Cam'. That will really get the crowd going." 

Mr de Mayo said their exhaustive research had shown that fans got easily bored before, during and after footy games, so they needed to be entertained, preferably as noisily as possible. 

"They have no interest in talking to their friends about the game, or their team, or how their favourite players are going," he said. "So we have to fill that gap. 

"Plus we know 'Kiss Cam' is popular in America, so it has to be right for this market."

Mr de Mayo said if 'Shag Cam' worked as well as expected at three quarter time, plans were already underway for post-match entertainment including 'Awkward Phone Call the Next Day Cam', 'Divorce Cam', and 'Custody Battle Cam'.